Sunday, December 03, 2006

IRNA: "Mojtahedzadeh: Zionists, US neo-conservatives plan to divide Iran"

Shimon Peres has made some recent public statements about Iran. Iran's response involves, or course, using the word "conspiracy" a lot:
An Iranian expert on geopolitics said on Sunday that Zionists and their neo-conservative colleagues in the US have for years been trying to divide Iran.

In an exclusive interview with IRNA, the professor of geopolitics at Tehran's Tarbiat Moadarres (instructors' training) University Dr. Pirouz Mojtahedzadeh said that Zionists are the root cause of inhumane conspiracies in the Middle East.

Mojtahedzadeh ruled out the 'meddlesome' claims of Zionist deputy prime minister Shimon Peres against Iran's territorial integrity.

"The claims of the Zionist occupying regime's deputy prime minister are blatant interference in Iran's internal affairs," said Mojtahedzadeh.

Peres had in an exclusive interview with Fox News called for disorder in Iran and its division, claiming that he did not believe dialogue with Iran for settlement of problems would be effective.

He said the stances of Peres laid a seal of approval on the plots against Iran.

Welcoming the statement of ex-UN chief weapons inspector in Iraq Hans Blix that measures by Peres and his supporters are an affront to Iran's national sovereignty, Mojtahedzadeh called for global condemnation of such 'interventionist' claims.

He said the Iranian government too should take the meddlesome claims of Peres as an evidence and seriously follow up the case and seek international condemnation of the agents responsible for the conspiracy.

He added that conspiracies of Peres and other Zionist regime officials pave the way for conflict between Christian West and Islamic East.

The Iranian scholar then referred to his letter to the US President George W. Bush and said he had in the letter said President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statements on Israel were ideological and not coupled with any plan of action.

Israel, however, is practically attempting to wipe Iran off the map and what Shimon Peres is today claiming is a proof of the notion, he added.

He said that Zionists' suspicious moves in Iraq and the country's Kurdistan region are part of the interventionist activities of the racist Zionist regime.

He added that Zionist agents, backed by their supporters, are pitting Iraqi Kurds against Iran.

Mojtahedzadeh then referred to the Nobel peace prize for Peres on a call by former US president Bill Clinton and emphasized, "Awarding Nobel Peace Prize to Peres spoils the credibility of the organization in awarding the prize."

He predicted that Nobel Peace laureates would decline to receive the Noble prize in the coming years because of downgrading of the prize due to Peres's 'interventionist and illegal' statements and actions.
He just ruined the Nobel Prize for everybody!

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