Monday, March 03, 2008

IRIB: "Islamic umma must generate waves of wrath"

The Supreme Leader is so mad at the Usurper Zionists that he calls them "capitalists"! That's going too far!
In the wake of the Saturday atrocious attacks by the Zionist regime against the Gaza Strip in which dozens of innocent people, including children fell martyrs, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei the Leader of the Islamic Revolution issued a message Sunday evening.

The full text of the message comes in the following.

Bismillahe Rahman-e Rahim

Great Islamic Umma,
Dear Iranian nation,

The bloody events in Gaza are so gory and heartrending that it could not be conveyed through pen or tongue. The naive children or innocent women and men having already endured months of hermetic siege are now slain in their homes; before the eyes of their parents the blossoming children are perishing in the rancorous blaze of callous usurpers, ditto parents before the eyes of their naive children whereas those who profess civilization and humanity have sat watching the colossal human tragedy with ultimate audacity, even some sit pleased with impudence.

The world of Islam is by no means excused to remain tight-lipped towards the rare atrocity.

The Islamic umma is expected to generate waves of wrath and the Islamic leaders must slap the wrath of their nations in the face of the Zionist regime.

The hands of the American government are soaked with the blood of the innocent Palestinian people. This is the support of the arrogant and rogue state which has emboldened the Zionists to commit the unforgivable crimes.

The Islamic nations and governments must make the voice of the innocent Palestinians heard throughout the world and let their reposing consciousness wake up.

Has the American nation realized that their authorities have sacrificed all human sanctities for the sake of the Zionists? Have the European nations got aware how far their politicians have gone under the reign of the Zionist capitalists?

It is not accidental that in simultaneity with those military ferocities, the most sacred Islamic sanctities are left at the mercy of profanity in some other corner of the arrogance-dominated areas of the world. There certain malicious pens backed by some devil policies are insulting the Mercy for the World People (a title for Hazrat Muhammad S.A.) to whom, the venerable, and to his Divine message the whole human being is indebted.
This last paragraph is a reference to the dreaded Prophet cartoons.The cartoons and the military incursion are a double plot!

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