Tuesday, September 02, 2008

"General March of Songun Revolution Is All-People Grand Advance Movement"

Great title. How is granting supreme importance to military affairs supposed to make them prosperous? Silly Imperialist! The "revolutionary soldier spirit" makes them achieve brilliant successes in all fields.
The general march of the Songun revolution is sweeping the Democratic People's Republic of Korea amid the extraordinary revolutionary enthusiasm of the army and people.

The general march is an all-people grand advance movement in the Songun era to reach the high eminence of a great, prosperous and powerful nation in all fields, political, military, economic and cultural, under the banner of the Songun idea.

It is, first of all, a revolutionary advance movement of the army and the people to model the whole society on the Songun idea by holding aloft the idea as the banner of struggle and embodying it in an all-round way.

In order to push ahead with the revolution and construction with success, it is imperative to build up a powerful military strength.

Only when the army is strong, is it possible to defend and advance the revolution by dint of arms and to increase the national power as a whole.

In order to construct a great, prosperous and powerful socialist nation, therefore, it is necessary to carry on dynamically a revolutionary onward movement for transforming the whole society after the Songun idea of attaching importance to the military affairs and giving priority to it.

The general march of the Songun revolution, a vigorous effort to reach the peak of a great, prosperous and powerful socialist country, is propelled by the revolutionary soldier spirit.

The spirit representing the Songun era inspires the people to the uninterrupted miracles and heroic feats.

The general march is the most powerful mass onward movement which calls forth the political enthusiasm and creative activity of the masses and steps up the socialist construction at a fast tempo in reliance upon the revolutionary soldier spirit, a mighty weapon for promoting the revolution and construction.

The Korean army and people who have courageously turned out in the general march of the Songun revolution with fervent patriotic zeal under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea will certainly build a great, prosperous and powerful socialist country of Juche on this land.
Miserable stunted wretches.

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