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Chacham Golestaninejad and Moshe Rabbeinu both disapprove of Gaza op

The Iranian Press has been interesting lately. A Fars News headline proclaims: "Rabbi Calls on World Jews to Help Gazans." I wonder where he got his semichah. (That wasn't snark, I really am just wondering.)
The religious leader of the Iranian Jews, Rabbi Golestaninejad, has issued a decree calling on Jews to help Palestinians, specially those under the Israeli blitzkriegs in the Gaza Strip.

It is the duty of every "monotheistic Jew" to help these people, Golestaninejad said.

He called on his coreligionists to support Gazans with their financial, medical and food aid, FNA reported on Wednesday.

Zionists behave against the teachings of Judaism, adding that any assistance to the Zionists is considered religiously unlawful, he said.

He denounced the atrocities by the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip, expressing hope that peace and stability will prevail in Beit-ul-Muqaddas in the near future.
In the meantime Ahmadinejad proclaimed that "Moses would punish Israel":
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip are proof that Zionists are not true followers of Moses.

In a Thursday interview in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchistan, President Ahmadinejad said Israeli echelons pretend to be the followers of Prophet Moses but have proved with their violent attacks on Gaza that they have no moral values.

"These minority of criminals and thieves are liars because they represent themselves as followers of the prophet. If Moses had been present today, he would first punish the Zionists for their conduct which is even worse than that of the Pharaoh," he said. [...]
According to IRIB, the "Zionist media" "broke the five-day silence" over Gaza. The following passage is cute:
Meanwhile, Rooney Daniel, a well known Zionist military reporter in response to a question in the Zionist regime's channel two TV station over Gaza development, said," I'm not allowed to speak about the issue, so I can not tell the truth."

His comment proved that the Zionist regime's media are lying.
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