Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Al-Manar TV: "We are honored to have a cohesive axis comprising Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iran and Iraq"

Al-Manar is Hizbullah's media wing. The article contains an interesting description of a "resistance axis facing the axis of Satan":
Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Kassem said that the so calld New Middle East project has failed. He added that what the US and its ally Israel want is to plunder the riches of this region, rip it apart and subjugate Arab leaders to their decisions.

Sheikh Kassem was speaking during a political gathering at the "Bassel Assad" stadium in Damascus' faculty of civil engineering.

His eminence said that a new middle east meant ruptured Arab countries, subject rulers and policies, lost riches, oppressed and humiliated people and occupied territories. "We tell Israel that as long as there are honest freedom fighters within our people, control will not be yours, it will be the control of those brave heroes." Sheikh Kassem touched on the issues of the resistance. He said that the arms that defend legal rights are not for political bargain. "The resistance that returns back rights to its owners cannot be abandoned. We are honored to have a cohesive axis comprising Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iran and Iraq to resist US and Israeli occupation, to gain back our independence and to be free. We are honored to be part of the resistance axis facing the axis of Satan. Some European countries have sent us many indirect American messages and offered billions of dollars for Hezbollah to reconstruct south Lebanon. In return they said that it is required that Hezbollah reconsiders disarming, so we told them we don't need you money or reconstruction," Sheikh Kassem said.
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