Tuesday, May 01, 2007

(North) Korean News: "Unity of Anti-Imperialist Forces for Independence Called for"

Did you know that unity among anti-Imperialists was Kim Jong Il's idea? Imagine where they would be today if nobody had thought of the unity thing:
The idea of Kim Jong Il that all the anti-imperialist forces for independence in the world should struggle in firm unity as one gives great strength, courage and conviction to the revolutionary people struggling to destroy imperialism and build an independent new world, says Rodong Sinmun today in a signed article.

Only when all the anti-imperialist forces for independence in the world are firmly united as one in their struggle, is it possible to scathingly shatter the criminal moves of the dominationists to check the building of an independent new world and ensure the victory of revolution, the article says, and goes on:

The struggle for an independent new world is an acute confrontation between the world's anti-imperialist forces for independence and the imperialist forces. Out of their nature, the imperialist forces are making desperate efforts to arrest and stamp out the struggle of the progressive forces to build an independent new world. They are running wild as if they were strong but it is nothing but a bluff. They become impotent before the unity of the anti-imperialist forces for independence. This unity serves as an effective method of struggle and an important way for destroying imperialism and building an independent new world.
Cut out the repetition, and this article would contain maybe two sentences.

It is a real picture of the present time that the victory and advance of the revolutionary struggle have been ensured with the might of unity. Today non-aligned and other developing countries are pooling their efforts in the struggle for independence against imperialism and standing against the arbitrary practices of the U.S. imperialists with the strategy of unity. The world people's hatred toward the U.S. imperialists is growing bitterer, driving the U.S. to unprecedented isolation and tight corner. This is a striking demonstration of the unity of the world's anti-imperialist forces for independence against the U.S. imperialists and its might.
And it's all because of you-know-who.

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