Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Global Warming: Debate goes on

I have noted in the past that global warming also seems to be affecting Mars, but I may have blogged too soon. Here is a Huffpo article that says, "Not so fast, warm Mars-ists." Here is the Martian-currency quote:
. . . the evidence that Mars is warming up is tentative; basically, the southern ice cap appears to be shrinking, and along with other evidence this indicates that there is some sort of climate change going on. However, the change may very well be local, confined to the southern region. Plus, we already know that other factors, like the shape of the orbit of Mars, contribute to climate change there. Looking to the Sun as the source of this is unwarranted. [...]
Similar claims have been made about Jupiter, Triton, and Pluto, and the author, Phil Plait, answers those also. So OK, the ball is in your court, Neo-con Solarists.

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