Tuesday, May 08, 2007

IRIB: "The so-called democracy are defined in a set of projects whose major emphasis sits on women politicians"

Iran surveys the political scene in the fake usurper Zionist regime:
As the Zionist regime poises for a political transformation, Tzipi Livnin, current foreign minister, remains to be tipped as the top favorite for a soon-to-be-vacant post which was never loyal to a ramshackle Ehud Olmert.
How many metaphors or implied metaphors can you spot in the next sentence?
The crisis has already simmered out of control following an ever-widening schism among Zionist groups which was set off by Winograd's report as well as mounting criticism leveled at the embattled Olmert to make him to step aside.

Kadima tries to persuade Olmert to resign as a sacrificial lamb for the party, providing it a safe heaven in a possible early poll. The presence of a top-level female figure may boost the party's chance of survival.

Livnin for his part has set a positive record during his services to the occupying regime, hence enjoying a favorable position to mend the marring face of the regime in the world. Moreover, she is not embattled with any judicial proceeding against her unlike many of the regime's top officials.

Livni's position in the Arab-Zionist compromise process is also notable. As foreign minister, she has been the most influential Zionist insider to the project only after Ehud Olmert. This has brought her a ringing support from Arab compromisers, Zionist political groups and leaders of America and Europe who entertain pretensions to virtually put their enjoyable seal over compromise deals.
There is nothing more enjoyable than a good seal.
Nevertheless, Livni's opportunities extend beyond the discussion. She may reap a double crop from her gender following America's plans to present her regime as a model for its self-styled democracy in the Middle East. The so-called democracy are defined in a set of projects whose major emphasis sits on women politicians. Livni has promoted the chances of becoming premier also by her close relations with White House officials.

Be that as it may, other politicians including Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak and Gilerman too have thrown their hats in the field, but they suffer unfavorable records in terms of political or moral scandals.

Another card of power lies in hand of military authorities who are salivating for the contested seat and if livni fails to garner adequate support, they will sweep the scene at least for a moment, carrying a bill of excuse which reads 'political situation needs a savior,' even though a gun totting governor.
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