Sunday, July 05, 2009

Chickpeas turn deadly

I enjoy felafel sometimes, but somehow it shouldn't be the pinnacle of Israel's national cuisine. The present story doesn't exactly make you eager to try the more-authentic Arab version of the stuff:
Sixty-seven cases of food poisoning inundated Hebron’s main hospital Friday night, after a dozen families who visited a traditional falafel and hummus restaurant in Surif, south of Hebron, fell ill.

Director of the governmental Hebron Hospital Sa’id Farahna said most of the 67 were released the same evening following tests. He noted medical officials were at the restaurant investigating its health and safety procedures, while law enforcement officials said the owner was being charged with one count of neglect under the health code.

On Friday evening ten Red Crescent ambulances were needed on the scene at the restaurant to transfer the ill. The effects of the food poisoning were rapid, and panic quickly broke out in the village eatery.

Ahmad Al-Atawneh, head of Hebron police public relations, said the owner of the restaurant was detained and expects he will face criminal charges. [...]

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