Thursday, July 09, 2009

Kim Il Sung "eternal leader and benevolent teacher of humankind"

It is been fifteen years since the people of North Korea were delivered from their dictator only to be saddled with his son. (North) Korean News has been doing a series of articles about the various tributes and ceremonies designed expressly to pretend Kim Senior's death wasn't a blessed event. This one is from the "vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front." I suppose he has a name, but it could never be as interesting as his title. It is actually more impressive that he is the "vice-chairman" than it would be if he was merely the chairman. Let's sample some of that vice-chairmanly wisdom:
[...] The statement described the history of more than 80 years of the President's life as the sacred and glorious life of a great man born of Heaven, who performed the immortal exploits in carving out the destiny of the nation and realizing the human cause of independence, glorifying his career as outstanding thinker, distinguished statesman, preeminent revolutionary and great person in the annals of the 20th century after personifying the prefect personality and qualification of a great man on the highest level.

The President is the peerless patriot and eternal leader and benevolent teacher of humankind as he is enjoying boundless reverence and ardent praises from all people for the exploits he performed for the country and the nation, times and history, it said. [...]
Those are the two best paragraphs. The latest Haveil Havalim also performs immortal exploits for the nation, times, and history.

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