Sunday, July 12, 2009

Iran "reserves right to sue US" over "released diplomats"

This article doesn't exactly suggest that Obama is about to reap any diplomatic rewards for releasing the five terrorists:
IRI Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the Islamic Republic of Iran, Foreign Ministry and released diplomats reserve the right to prosecute Bush's government for kidnapping five Iranian diplomats and the new American administration for the continuation of the act.

Speaking in the welcoming ceremony of the five ex-kidnapped diplomats, he said all of the measures adopted by the Islamic Republic of Iran in its embassy and consulates in Iraq were in the way of aiding Iraqi nation, ensuring the country's security and stability as well as boosting Tehran-Baghdad ties.

American forces intruded IRI consulate in Arbil, violated all international regulations, kidnapped five Iranian diplomats and held them in their custody until the last day of their presence in Iraqi cities, he said.

"These dears have been delivered to the IRI embassy after control of cities were given to the Iraqi government," he added.

International communities and the world public opinion evaluate the US measure in kidnapping Iranian diplomats as an anti-human act and in violation of all international conventions especially Vienna consular rights, Mottaki said, expressing hope that the case would be studied in the United Nations and other related international organizations.

Representative of Iraqi President Jalal Talibani took part in the ceremony and by donating flowers congratulated the arrival of the ex-kidnapped diplomats in the Islamic Iran.
Some of Obama's decisions seem to be the foreign-policy equivalent of falling into a manhole while texting.

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