Tuesday, July 07, 2009

If you happen to see the most beautiful election in the world

Most of the news agencies have articles about this speech, but there is a certain, shall we say, flavor that is always lost if you don't get the details from an Iranian news agency:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a TV live address to the nation Tuesday night said the presidential election held on June 12 in Iran was the healthiest, freest, and the most beautiful election in the world.

He also said the election will be the source of many big developments in the region and the world.

The president said all Iranians realized that the election was a big event, a huge epic and completely clean and sound, because they participated in the election, they held the election, they counted votes and there was no fault in the results in the recounting of the votes.

He added those who raised claims against the soundness of the election could not present a document on fraud in election and the whole nation understood this .

"It is not acceptable from statesmen to question such a big epic in the country and of course they cannot do so," the president said.

Expounding on Iran’s election system, Ahmadinejad said that in Iran, both observers and performers of the election are people, because the executive groups are chosen among trustworthy and reliable people of each neighborhood.
People, people who are people . . .
The President said that around 40 million people participated in the election since early morning to the almost closing time.

He added that Interior ministry had only a supportive role in the election.

"That's why in the last 30 years, we have had 30 elections with different results, which in some cases the results have been far from political analysts' expectations."

Ahmadinejad stressed that in the election, the most opportunities and possibilities were at disposal of the competitors and people registered a permanent epic in the history of Iran with their votes.

He called the election as a new era for Iran and the world and said that many of his counterparts who called him for congratulation, reminded him two points; one the record of democracy which Iranians set was unique and a pattern for the whole world, and second the election was a source of big development in the region and in the world.

Referring to the 85 percent turnout in election, Ahmadinejad reminded if there were more possibilities, the figure of participants could be higher, because the whole Iranian nation are sensitive to and interested in their country.

He said that Iran’s election was a great event that affected widely Iran’s foreign and domestic issues.

"The main reason for interference of the enemies in the election was its glorious and magnificent effects as a unique election in the world," President Ahmadinejad said.

Another reason for aliens' interference was that the Iranians reconfirmed 30 years of revolution and the four-year period of the government .

Ahmadinejad also talked about considerable changes in the 10th government and added that he intended to constantly report his work to the nation.

He noted that social freedom is a principle adding that," we have freedom in our country now and we should expand freedom to all parts, although I am opposed to radical materialism and remission."
Spoken like a cancer-cell.

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