Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lying Imperialist!

The Oskomaeodong III is currently in Songun orbit, broadcasting the Song of Kim Il Sung and the Song of Kim Jong Il, giving even greater play to the might of single-minded unity in the spirit of Mt. Paektu! (h/t: Memeorandum)

Update: In related news we learn that the "Juche idea" is the "Root of Songun Idea":
The Songun idea, the source of the invincible strength of the Korean army and people, has the principles of the great Juche idea as its root . . .

The Juche idea demands of establishing the revolutionary outlook of Juche with the outlook on the leader as its core and carrying on the revolution and construction under the monolithic guidance of the leader.

The Songun idea is the revolutionary idea with the main stress on the leader. It expounds that all the members of the society should uphold the idea and guidance of the leader with the revolutionary army as a model and thoroughly establish the Songun leadership system, the monolithic guidance system of the leader. [...]
Oh I wish I had a monolithic leader . . .

Update: The latest Haveil Havalim is the source of invincible strength.

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