Friday, July 17, 2009

MPAC-UK: Murdoch helps Muslims find Mizrach

See, not all "staunch supporters of the apartheid state of Israel" are bad!
Dear Mr Murdoch, I thought I should write a short letter to thank you. You being a global media mogul and a staunch supporter of the apartheid state of Israel, probably don't get many appreciative messages from Muslims.

Muslims in the UK have to face towards Makkah in Saudi Arabia to read their daily prayers (Namaz). A problem arises when we travel in the country. We just don't know the direction to Makkah. Not all of us carry a compass or know how to read one.
Don't know how to read a compass? You have to know your directions, I guess. Another useful thing to bear in mind if you have to face east to pray is that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Do I get a thank-you article now also?
You may not realise this, and it is a coincidence, but your British Sky Broadcasting's satellite minidish face approximately toward Makkah. So whenever I'm on travel and don't know the direction to Makkah, I just look for a sky dish! I am publicising this information so that others may benefit too, therefore you may get few more thank you messages!

I used to subscribe to sky in the old days. In the tough economic climate I have moved to alternative free services such as Freeview, like many others, helping it become the UK's number 1 TV platform. But I'm sure there will always be plenty of sky dishes out there for us to look at. Once again thank you and your company for the invaluable help you provide without knowing.
This post was brought to you by the greater global community of east-facers.

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