Monday, July 06, 2009

Hamas and Islamic Jihad squabble about money, who is the biggest stooge of Iran

Remember being told that the Palestinians voted for Hamas because they were fed up with corruption? Tariq Alhomayed provides the usual shock treatment for these sorts of delusions, which is not to say that Western leftists are listening or anything:
[...] The Islamic Jihad movement, which is facing financial deficit, resorted to using the weapon of religion against Hamas, which in return responded with the very same weapon. All of this is happening to consolidate the internal positions in Gaza in front of the supporters of these movements.

What Islamic Jihad and Hamas want is not important; the importance lies in what their disputes have revealed, especially as Gaza is cut off from any impartial media and its inhabitants are scared of speaking the truth. Therefore the battle between the two sides is revealing things that we do not know. According to the report published in Asharq Al-Awsat recently Islamic Jihad is accusing Hamas of detaining its members, attempting to take over its mosques and monopolizing Sunni and Shia financial support, which would explain the financial crisis that Islamic Jihad is currently experiencing (as first revealed by Asharq Al-Awsat a week ago).

The list of accusations made by Hamas against Islamic Jihad includes the charge of promoting the Shia doctrine in Palestinian territories – which Hamas based on the fact that some members of Islamic Jihad opted to follow Shiism – because a picture that showed Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad movement Ramadan Shallah visiting Khomeini’s grave was published.

It is odd that Hamas, internally of course, is attacking Islamic Jihad for its ties to Iran and Hezbollah whilst Hamas itself receives financial support from Iran. In the past we have seen leading figures of Hamas taking part in Friday prayers in Tehran’s mosques in the presence of cameras. [...]

All of this is clear proof of the extent to which these movements exploit the Palestinian Cause and of the magnitude of financial corruption regardless of the sources of finance and the way it is used. It is also evidence of the amount of political absurdity and exploitation of religion. [...]
It is probably also evidence that we live in an age, not only of Post-Zionists, but of Post-Palestinians.

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