Friday, July 17, 2009

(North) Korean News: "Pearly Luster Paint Developed in DPRK"

I bet you think this is a trivial story, don't you? But read on, the paint has a "mysterious luster" and it is going to lead to "high appreciation":
The Building Materials Research Center under the Paektusan Architectural Institute of the DPRK has newly developed pearly luster paint, a final coating material of buildings.

The serviceable life of the paint with beautiful colors and mysterious luster is more than three times that of the metallic luster paint and its production cost is low because it does not use the expensive metal dust.

Its adhesive intensity is high and it is not washed easily. It has golden, red, copper, light blue and other colors.
I guess they meant "not washed off easily."
The paint is applicable to concrete, granite and wood.

It has been applied to plaque and ornamental design of buildings, plaster goods and others in various units to enjoy high appreciation.
They're so lucky to live there.

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