Monday, July 27, 2009

"Libyan Women Masses mark second annual celebrations for . . . the day they had the honor of meeting with Leader of the Revolution for the first time"

They are Libyan women masses, hear them roar:
Masses of Libyan women held on Saturday the second annual celebration of 25 Nasser (July) 1970, the day they were honored by meeting with the Leader of the Revolution for the first time, in the first women conference held in Libya, a few months after the dawn of Al-Fateh revolution, to discuss woman's right, duties and their role in the community as well as realizing the objectives of the revolution.

The historic meeting was a belief on the part of the leader as he asserted in the meeting (Freedom should be for individual in this country and it shouldn't be only for men, it is ridiculous and backward not to include women in the revolutionary building process and not to include her role in building post revolution life).
Can't have something from JANA without something from SANA. Did Obama really thank Assad for his "wise congratulatory cable"?:
President Bashar al-Assad received on Monday a cable of thanks from U.S President Barack Obama in reply to the congratulatory cable which was sent by President al-Assad on the occasion of 233rd anniversary of U.S independence.

In his cable President Obama said "The American people and I appreciate the wise congratulatory cable which you sent on the occasion of 233rd anniversary of U.S independence." [...]
Nobody asked me if I appreciated it. Entities which have yet to achieve failed statehood also have news agencies. We learn from PalPress of "Two Qassam members martyred eastern Buraij in obscure circumstances":
A website affiliated to Hamas military wing "Ezz Al Din Qassam" reported yesterday that two of it's members were killed on Friday during a mission eastern of Buraij refugees camp central Gaza Strip.

The brigades identified the martyrs as : 23- year old "Osama Kamal Al Nabahin" and 22 - year old "Baker Jamal Al Nabahin" , pointing out that they were transferred to hospital cut to pieces. [...]
The hospital had its task cut out for it?

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