Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Breaking: Ryongwang Entrails Soup Restaurant renovated

Great news:
Changgwang street of a chain of restaurants in Pyongyang was successfully renovated as required by the new century in a matter of a little over a year.

There in the street are Korean Restaurant, Ryongwang Entrails Soup Restaurant, Changgwangsan Kuksu (Noodle) Restaurant, Rakwon Steak Restaurant, Manphung Rice-cake Soup Restaurant, Phungnyon Pancake Restaurant and other restaurants.

These restaurants have been renovated to meet people's cultural need and suit the features of each restaurant, while preserving their original architectural style. [...]
Also at (North) Korean News currently: "U.S. Termed Heinous Human Rights Abuser" and "KCNA Slams Japan's 'Human Rights' Racket," but somehow I am not in the mood for bellicose ranting at the moment.

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