Friday, December 18, 2009

A note on adjusted climate data

If it is adjusted to compensate for factors that everyone would agree are skewing the data in a certain direction, then it is valid to do it. If it is just adjusted to achieve a certain conclusion, then it isn't. In any event, the public should have access to the raw data. John at Power Line states:
That's right--the purported warming is all in the way the data are adjusted. This happens over and over again. Are these adjustments based on science or politics? If you've read the East Anglia emails, as I have, the question answers itself. The global warming project is political to its core, and lacks any scientific integrity.
Are the emails really the last word on this subject? It is fine with me if they are, but perhaps we should stress what is certain. We can be certain that the warmists are advocating bad public policy.

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