Monday, December 07, 2009

Swiss time running out: Gadaffi

The Swiss minaret-ban may have been a set-back for multiculturalism, but, we learn in a current JANA article, it marked a new chapter in the dissemination of Gadaffi pronouncements:
The statements made by the Leader of the Revolution, Leader of the World Islamic People's Leadership on the outrage against Islam perpetrated by the Swiss entity "the world mafia" which calls for a ban on construction of minarets in Switzerland was widely echoed in the international media.

The Egyptian news agency carried extracts from the Leader's statements and his call for a boycott of Switzerland.

The agency quoted the Leader as saying at a religious rally in the city of Zelitin 160km east of Tripoli, that the Swiss decision was playing with fire risked undermining religious tolerance and opened the door for religious hate and violence.

"Gaddafi saw the Swiss decision as an invitation for war between Islam and the West, the agency quoted the Leader as saying.

"They should mind their interests in our region", the Leader was quoted as saying.

Under the title Gaddafi warns Switzerland against playing with fire after the Swiss voted in favour of banning minarets in the country, the United Press International quoted the Leader of the Revolution that the presence on Christian churches in the Muslim world would be reconsidered after the ban of minarets in Switzerland.

"You chose to wage war on mosque, by that you give the pretext to those who bent on fighting churches", the UPI quoted the Leader as saying.

"No Muslim will agree to grant a license for building any churches in the Muslim world anymore, the Leader was quoted as saying by UPI.

" They claim to fight terrorism and violence and al Qaeda they are giving them the excuse they look for", the Leader was quoted as saying.

The UPI said Gaddafi saw the referendum as giving the Muslim countries the pretext to ban the construction of churches.

The Chinese news agency carried extracts of the Leader's comments saying he warned Switzerland and indeed Europe against the fallout from the minarets saga.

It quoted the Leader as saying such decision demonstrated the West's hatred of other religions.

The BBC Arabic service quoted the Leader as saying ( this gives us the justification to do away with tolerance which we maintained in the Muslim world by allowing the crosses despite the fact that we know they were paganism." [...]
Pity the UPI didn't report that one.

Announcement: Your faithful Judeopundit may have limited computer access for the next few days. Digesting all this profundity from the Leader of the Revolution should keep you busy in the meantime.

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