Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kim Il Sung University Swimming Pool back in the news

Once again we visit the illustrious Swimming Pool of Songun. The new occasion to give it our revolutionary attention is a visit from the Dear Leader although he does not appear to have gone for a swim himself. I understand he can breathe under water but doesn't want to show off:
General Secretary Kim Jong Il visited the Swimming Pool of Kim Il Sung University to watch its teachers and students in swimming training.

Watching the teachers and students swimming in the spacious swimming and wading pools full of joy, he was greatly pleased to see the swimming pool of the university fully available for everybody's physical training and cultural rest.

Recalling that President Kim Il Sung made so much effort for the education of the rising generation all his life, he said with emotion how greatly he would have been pleased if he had watched those teachers and students fully enjoying happiness at the best swimming pool.

Swimming is a very good exercise for training physical bodies and promoting health, he said, indicating tasks and ways for popularizing the swimming.

Underscoring the need to successfully manage and operate the swimming pool of the university as it is an eternal edifice for posterity, he once again paid attention to every aspect of the pool and took measures with loving care.

He highly appreciated the shining feats performed by Kim Il Sung University, noting that over the last more than six decades it has trained a large number of revolutionary talented persons in the crucible of the arduous revolutionary struggle, thus creditably playing a pivotal role in implementing the nation's policy on training native cadres and policy on turning all members of society into intellectuals and graduates from this university, in particular, are now successfully performing a pace-setter's role in every work site for building a thriving nation including the work for putting production processes on a Juche-oriented CNC basis. [...]
The latest Haveil Havalim also features a large number of revolutionary talented persons in the crucible of the arduous revolutionary struggle.

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