Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PalPress: "Hamas, Hizbullah to unite with Israel if Israel attacks," Meshaal changes name to "Metal"

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Interesting times we are living in! It is obviously supposed to read "Hamas, Hizbullah to unite with Iran if Israel attacks":
Chief of Hamas Politburo Khaled Meshaal said that the Islamic organizations in the Palestinian territories and Lebanon will unite with Iran if Israel attacks, pointing out that they will fight Israel at all fronts.

Meshaal added in a press conference held in Tehran today that he discussed with Iranian officials the latest developments on the Palestinian arena , pointing out that the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic papers should be reorganized in order to reach a unified position in confrontation to the Israeli danger.

Regarding Shallot’s swap deal, Metal asserted that certain progress has actually been achieved over the past months, adding that there still was Israeli veto and intrasigence, on several issues, then there was an Israeli backtrack in position but there are still obstacles.

He continued :”when Israel responds to Hamas demands the deal will be at hand”

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