Thursday, December 31, 2009

PalToday: Hamas "deposed" and "sacked"

I don't know quite what to make of the words "deposed" and "sacked." I suppose it means that Fatah usurped the right of Hamas to rule all Palestinian territory. Believers that Hamas has civilian "police" should note that Hammad's statement is not about the importance of directing traffic:
The deposed Hamas government opened the first police academy in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, nearly a year after Israel staged a three-week military operation against the territory.

Senior officials of the sacked Hamas government in Gaza attended the opening ceremony of the police academy, which recruits 200 students as the first batch.

Once they graduate, they would be the newest police forces of Hamas since it took over Gaza in June 2007 .

"The Palestinian resistance could jump over the blockade and is now making its weapons by its own, defying the Israeli occupation," said Fathi Hammad, the interior minister, at the opening ceremony.

The opening of the academy, located in an area that Abbas used as an office and residence before he lost Gaza, came as Gazans aremarking the first anniversary of the war which ended on Jan. 18.

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