Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Japanese university "Hosts Leader of the Revolution in Intellectual Lecture"

The "Leader of the Revolution" is always Muammar Gadaffi. Gotta know your dictators. What on Earth possessed Japanese university students and faculty to invite Gadaffi to address them?
The Japanese University of Meiji Tuesday hosted the Leader of the Revolution in an intellectual lecture via video link to the students and teaching staff of the University's Faculty of Disarmament and Peace.

The theme of the lecture to the second oldest university in Japan was about Africa and attempts by foreign powers to intervene in its internal affairs.

The Leader analyzed in his lecture Japan's political dependency of America which deprived it from being a useful power with Africa and the world ..explaining that such dependency undermined the vital interests and Japan's relations with the wider world which it needed.

The Leader noted that there was an awakening in Japan to restore its dignity surrendered by lack on liberation from American hegemony despite the fact that Japan's technological advancement.

The Leader also analyzed the premises that placed a question mark on the future of Japan and its position on the coming world map forming up in spaces.

The lecture was ensued by an intellectual debate between the Leader and the students and the staff of the university on the strategy of US President Barrack Obama in Afghanistan, the concept of education in the Jamahiri theory and the radical solution of the Middle East problem which the Leader presented in the White Book.
Afterwards, Gadaffi morphed into a 100-foot-tall robot and fought with a fire-breathing dinosaur.

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