Sunday, December 13, 2009

Single-malt Menorah

Here is a story to warm your innards:
WHAT is thought to be the world's first ever 'whisky menorah' was unveiled this evening (Sunday) to mark the Jewish festival of lights.

Dozens of people turned out at Buckhurst Hill Chabad, in Princes Road, to see the seven-foot-high ceremonial candle holder - made of clear pipes - filled with 65 litres of 17-year-old Scottish single malt in celebration of Chanukah.

Whisky from the menorah was then poured from a tap in the structure's stem and auctioned off in bottles by Rabbi Odom Brandman to raise money for a new centre for the area's Jewish community.

Rabbi Brandman - who had earlier led the lighting of a publically displayed menorah in nearby Queen's Road - thanked distillary firm Tullibardine for donating the whisky. [...]
Commemorating the single-malt scotch miracle: there was only one bottle but it lasted for eight farbrengens. (h/t for this and the previous story although they did not link to the sources I used: Vos iz Neias)

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