Thursday, December 10, 2009 calls for attack on Israel

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With friends deserting the Zionist State like rats fleeing an impending flood, the malignant cancer wrongly called 'Israel' may soon find itself fighting its own battles, and what a day that will be.

Today Turkey warned that if the Zionist scum dare enter their airspace to conduct any kind of operation, Turkey will respond 'like an earthquake'. "[Israel] will receive a response equal to that of an earthquake," said Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an interview with Egyptian journalist Fahmi Huwaidi published Thursday morning.

Why wait? Why not implement the infamous doctrine of preemption and carry out 'Operation Earthquake' based on the kind of reliable evidence that gave us the Iraq war? Or simply do as Jewish Zionists did in 1956, concoct a story, garner Muslim support and take back the land they robbed in 1948.

With Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and now Turkey ready and willing, there seems no time like the present to bring an end to the what many have described as the greatest calamity to befall us in the 20th century.

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