Thursday, December 29, 2005

AP: "Palestinian Police Storm Gaza-Egypt Border"

This is really interesting:
Gaza Strip - Palestinian police angry over growing lawlessness in the Gaza Strip stormed the Gaza-Egypt border crossing Friday, shutting down the border and forcing European monitors to flee, Palestinian and European officials said.
Let us skip a paragraph and read further:
The European observers — responsible for monitoring the crossing and ensuring the terms of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement are upheld — fled the area, fearing the situation was getting out of control, the officials said.
Weren't the police angry about "lawlessness"? If the observers have to run away, that doesn't seem like much of a blow for law and order, does it? It gets more interesting:
The police are angry over the killing of an officer Thursday in a family feud in Gaza. They said that because they have received no orders from their officers on how to deal with the situation they are taking matters into their own hands, the witnesses said.
Is that what "angry over growing lawlessness" meant? What is going on here? Update: The "angry over growing lawlessness" bit is now gone. I guess spinning continued lawlessness as a reaction to lawlessnes was too much even for the AP. Here is a Washington Post link that perhaps won't change from hour to hour.

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