Wednesday, April 04, 2012

"Egyptian Presidential Contender Urges Cut of Gas Supplies to Israel" (Fars-Iran)

It is funny that the article makes it sound as if the only Egyptian objection to the gas deal is the price:
A prominent Egyptian politician and a candidate in the upcoming presidential election said that he will support Palestinian resistance against Israel and cut gas exports to Israel if he wins the race.

Speaking to FNA in Cairo on Wednesday, Hamdin Sabahi, an independent candidate, stressed that he would adopt a tough policy against Israel if he wins the upcoming presidential election in his Arab Muslim country.

"If I win the election, I will cut gas exports to Israel, support the Palestinian resistance and end the siege of Gaza," Sabahi said.

Israel receives about 40 percent of its gas from Egypt. Israel Electric Corp., the main buyer of Egyptian gas, used imported crude oil and diesel to make up for the shortfall.

Egypt's 20-year gas deal with Israel, signed in the Mubarak era, is unpopular with Egyptians, with critics accusing Israel of not paying enough for the gas.

Sabahi will run for election in his native constituency of El-Borollos in the Nile Delta governorate of Kafr El-Sheikh.

Sabahi, whose membership of the Nasserist Party was frozen four years ago, will contest the elections as an independent.

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