Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Catfish-Jowl Aspic Enjoys Popularity" (Korean News)

I don't think most Americans are too worried about having to eat North Korean food, but I find it comforting that it isn't kosher:
Conspicuous among the dishes, presented to the 17th April Holiday Food Festival at the People's Palace of Culture, was the aspic made of catfish jowl.

Sliced aspic garnished with carrot and celery became the focus of the people's attention.

The dish was presented by Ju Suk Hui at Tongchonho Restaurant.

Noting that many people like to take the dish, she told KCNA:

"The catfish jowl can also be steamed, roasted and fried.

But, the people, including those with dull appetite, chose to take the aspic, because it contains all of catfish's nutrients and is well digestive as well."


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