Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Juan Cole adopts Muslim Brotherhood view of Israel-Egypt peace treaty

Cole throws land-for-peace under the flag-bus of Caliphate Buslines:
The American political elite, very attentive to big money in politics and to the Israel lobbies, almost certainly is pulling for Shafiq to win. Mursi and the Brotherhood have a long history of hostility to Israel, and talk about revising the Camp David Peace Accord of 1979. (Camp David was supposed to lead to a resolution of the Palestinians’ problems but instead became a separate peace for Egypt and a means whereby the Israelis could further displace and expropriate the Palestinians, denying them any citizenship in a state and keeping them as riffraff who can be victimized at will. In this respect, a Brotherhood government in Egypt that stood up for the Palestinians would be a positive step).
If the government of Egypt and Hamas in the Gaza Strip become one giant blob of Islamoplasm, then the post-Palestinianism of Hamas will have triumphed over both land-for-peace and Fatah. The MB-Hamas government of Egypt-Gaza won't exactly be "standing up for the Palestinians"--one Palestinian recently complained that Hamas is "erasing Palestinian culture"--but a Sunni version of Khomeinism should certainly find its fortunes on the rise. And that's Juan's kind of development!

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