Sunday, March 19, 2006 "Islamists to dominate Hamas cabinet"

I recently posted about a JPost article that claims that "Technocrats" will "dominate" the cabinet. Here is Aljazeera stating that "Islamists" will "dominate" the cabinet. What's the deal?
According to an unofficial line-up, the new cabinet includes 24 ministers, 10 from the Gaza Strip and 14 from the West Bank. Of the 24 ministers, only eight come from the legislative council, while the rest are technocrats and independents, with Islamist leanings.
I see, "technocrats . . . with Islamist leanings." A bit more about why Abdel Razek/Abd al-Razzak was imprisoned:
The new minister of finance will be Umar Abd al-Razzaq, professor of economics at the Najah National University.

Abd al-Razzaq was released from an Israeli detention camp only a few days ago after an extended incarceration as a resistance fighter.
And let us not forget those lovable Marxist-Leninist pioneers of crimes against the aviation industry:
The door was still open for the participation by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a small group holding two seats in the Palestinian legislative council, Haniya said.
Fortunately, there is a moderate in the cabinet:
The existing minister of economy, Mazin Sinukrut, an Independent Islamist, will remain in his post. This, it is hoped, would maintain a degree of continuity in the management of the Palestinian economy.

Sinukrut is a wealthy businessman from Ram Allah and advocates liberal economic policies. He also holds relatively moderate views with respect to Israel.
Oh well, a "relative" moderate anyway. Peace is just on the horizon.

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