Saturday, March 18, 2006

Linkim, Motza'ei Shabbos, 3/18/06

Daled Amos has what AbbaGav calls a "fantastic post" on journalistic stringers.

Martin Kramer posts about an Israel-bashing essay recently published in the London Review of books. He also directs us to this post at Volokh Conspiracy. See also Judeosphere.

Elder of Ziyon rounds up articles from Iran's IRNA news agency.

Simply Jews reports on "EATAPETA day in Las Vegas."

A Simple Jew discusses the Chabad minhag of only making noise when Haman's name is mentioned with a title.

Meryl Yourish asks "Where did Israeli bird flu come from?"

Canadian Jewish News reports that "Insurance restrictions" have been "lifted for travellers to Israel"

Hamshachas haLinkim 3/19/06:

Haveil Havalim #62 is up.

Washington Post: Document Shredder Accidents

Calabasas Chronicle asks "Did You Get Your Pamphlet?"

Yo, Yenta! points out some political cartoons by Dr. Seuss.

Kramer again on "The Israel Lobby."

Captain's Quarters on (or at) "The Karni Crossroads"

Ben Chorin offers a "brief caricature" of Religious Zionism.

BTB asks, "Who's starving whom, and for what?"

Lee Kaplan declares "Not One More Dime for the Palestinians" (h/t Iris Blog)

Jonah Goldberg cautions "Don’t Get Cocky, Lefties."

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