Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll: "I am going to devote the rest of my life to exterminating the scum who kidnapped me!"

Quoth the AP:
American reporter Jill Carroll's three-month hostage ordeal ended Thursday when she was left on a Baghdad street in front of a Sunni political party office. She appeared composed and eager to talk about her 82 days held captive in a tiny room.
"Those S.O.B.'s!" exclaimed Carroll, "They are going to be so sorry they released me!" When asked by a reporter if she was well-treated, she responded, "Well treated!? Are you an idiot or something? How would you like it if they held you prisoner for three months in a tiny room and made your family think they were going to kill you?" The reporter was later overheard to comment, "Wow, she's even madder than Norman Kember was!" We now return you to the real world.

Update: Dhimmi Watch has a post-title that refers to one of Carroll's actual statements: "The Mujahedeen are merciful and kind that’s why I’m free and alive." Jawa Report complains that this is all unfair to Carroll until she gets back to the US.

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