Sunday, March 19, 2006

Blog in the place where you work

Blog in the place where you work
(Bug your boss)
Think about parnassa
Wonder why you're unproductive
Blog in the place that you live
(Risk your job)
Blog in the place you work
Wonder why you're unproductive

If you're employed
You won't be for long
Your archives will show you
Just how you went wrong
Your job is at risk
Your chances are slim
You're helpless to stop
The future is grim

(Repeat first verse)

Your non-blogging colleagues
Are minding the store
Your boss arrives
To show you the door
You're standing in line
You lost your parnassa
You're free to go learn
In a Madrassa

(Repeat first verse)

Ain't got no Torah
The emes is brutal
Now all your learning
Is botul and mevutal
Fortune's not smiling
Lunch isn't free
You've gone back to filing

So Blog (blog)
Risk you job
Think about parnassa, wonder why you're unproductive
Now blog (blog)
Bug your boss
Think about the loss of your check
Wonder why you haven't

(repeat first verse)

Blog in the place where you are (Bug your boss)
Blog in the place where you are (Risk your job)
Your check ain't going to be in the mail (Blog in the place where you are)
Your hammer ain't hittin' the head on the nail, so blog.

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