Monday, March 13, 2006

Purim: "These days are remembered and done"

An important idea in Chassidic philosophy about all holidays, that each one represents a spiritual reoccurrence of the original event, is associated with a verse in the Megillah that we all heard read tonight: "These days are remembered and done" (9: 28). Here is a paragraph about this idea, actually from an essay about Shavuos:
The [Lubavitcher] Rebbe often quotes the AriZal's interpretation of the verse in the Megillah: Hayamim ha-eleh nizkarim venaasim -- literally, "These days are remembered and done." However, the AriZal explains that every year when the holiday comes around (not only Purim, but any holiday or festival), the same spiritual energy that was first revealed on that date, is revealed again, every year. Moreover, we have to remember what happened then, and do something about it so that it will happen now as well. These days are here for us to do. We're not just going to sit and reminisce about the old days, drink and be merry, because of a date on our calendar. For Yidden, all of our holy days and celebrations are an opportunity to do something, to affect us and to change us and to make us and the world better.

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