Sunday, March 12, 2006

Newsmax: "Esther" supports Hillary

Jewish world domination is advancing nicely (Hillary once claimed to have Jewish ancestors):
Material girl-turned-children's book author Madonna has gotten behind Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, touting Mrs. Clinton for the White House and while warning at the same time that sexism might undermine her campaign.

"Hillary Clinton should go for it, definitely," the evolving pop queen tells "You've got to start somewhere in terms of women leading the US."
"You've got to start somewhere"--not exactly a ringing endorsement!
The "Like a Virgin" star complained: "In Europe and Asia and elsewhere, women have ruled over millions."

Madonna blamed sexism for blocking women from the nation's highest office, saying, "In America, men are still afraid of women. And women, I don't think, trust women. I find that amazing."
Hillary, or course, derives her stature from her famous husband. Isn't that a bit patriarchal?

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