Monday, March 06, 2006

Debate at UNC Anti-terror rally

This is from a Fox News article entitled "UNC Grad in Court on Alleged Hit and Run." The incident doesn't seem particularly "alleged" to me, but I suppose one has to write that if the perpetrator's trial is still ongoing. The following section of the story is interesting:
On campus, UNC students held what they called an "anti-terrorism" rally.

"We don't want terrorism here, and we're not gonna stand for that where we live and where we go to school," said Kris Wampler, a student at UNC and member of the College Republicans, which helped organize the rally.

About 50 students attended the rally, including several Muslim students who debated with organizers and said Taheri-azar had not been linked to any terrorist group.

"When you think in terms of a global context, this was an isolated incident," said Khurram Bilal Tariq, a 22-year-old junior.

Stephen Mann, an 18-year-old freshman, said he wasn't singling out Islam with his call to label Friday's incident terrorism. He said a member of any religion who did what Taheri-azar is accused of doing should be called a terrorist.

"If you try to hurt someone in the name of a cause, that's terrorism," he said.
Besides that, terrorist leaders have issued statements exhorting the faithful to commit terrorist acts. Obviously individuals as well as groups have heeded the call. Whatever it means to say that Taheri-azar's act was just "an isolated incident," I don't see what difference it makes that he was not part of some cell.

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