Sunday, April 13, 2008

Al-Hayat J: "Gaza is threatened with submergence in the dark compost in a few days"

This is auto-translated, with the usual lapses in readability, but the meaning is fairy clear:
Gaza - New Life - Douhan Hasan - and agencies - warned general manager power station in the Gaza Strip yesterday from the station stopped working entirely because of the fuel crisis facing the sector, a result of the closure Israel Nahal Oz crossing, which fuels with him.

He said Rafiq Maliha, director general power station "that the station would depend entirely on the work over several days will lead to complete paralysis in all sectors, unless Israel provide us with fuel."

He added, "the station stopped entirely depends on the amount of consumption by the citizens." The company began distributing electricity yesterday cut the electricity supply within the distribution areas of Gaza.

For his part, the spokesman Jamal Darsawi Electricity Distribution Company "If you do not enter the fuel there will be a real catastrophe because the power station would depend on what action deprive than 55 MB."

He continued: "This will ultimately drive to cut electricity periodically on citizens by no less than ten hours a day on each region."

As the independent MP Jamal al-Chairman of the People's face of the siege "to stop the power station means stop everything and comprehensive destruction in the Gaza Strip and stop health services, environmental, power outages and disruption of the cell phone and fixed communications."

"The stations and sewage treatment standstill and the material is pumped sewage into the sea directly."
According to Reuters, quoting various officials, the Palestinians are refusing to "distribute fuel in the holding tanks," so Israel can't supply any new fuel anyway. Where would it go? They need empty tanks to pump into:
Mahmoud al-Khuzundar, head of the Gaza Fuel Suppliers' Association, denied any Hamas role in the strike and said the association will not distribute fuel in the holding tanks until Israel increases the amount it supplies . . .

Israeli and Western officials said even if Israel agreed to restart the flow of gasoline and diesel to Gaza, it will not be able to do so until fuel tanks on the Palestinian side have been emptied out.
The Dark Compost reigns in Gaza, beware the Dark Compost . . .

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