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Haddad-Adel calls for boycott of "West," Wilders film attacks Bill O'Reilly, Pope misunderstood "Organic Verses"

Fars News comes unglued over Fitna: "Speaker Calls on Muslims to Boycott Trade with West"
Iranian Parliament Speaker Gholam Ali Haddad Adel said that the Muslim world should boycott trade with any country that allows insult to Islam.
That's just about every non-Muslim country there is.
Haddad Adel was quoted by press tv as stating that sacrilege of Islamic sanctities is the ugliest kind of cultural onslaught and violation of human rights.

Speaking at the first open parliament session in the new Iranian calendar year (started March 20), he pointed out that it is astonishing that the West has so vehemently targeted Islam in recent years.

"The Western countries are making optimum use of books, films, animations and their media to weaken the beliefs of Muslims and to insult Islamic sanctities," Haddad Adel said.

He expressed his opinion that the Western countries will reconsider their attitude toward Islam when they see their economic interests at stake.

The remarks by the Iranian parliament speaker followed a 17-minute-long anti-Islam film produced by the far-right Dutch politician Greet Wilders, which mocks at Islamic values.

The movie titled "Fitna" features shocking insults to Islam and Islamic values. It urges Muslims to tear out "hate-filled" verses from the Koran and starts and finishes with a cartoon of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) with a bomb under his turban, originally published in Danish newspapers.

Last week, Iran summoned Dutch Ambassador Radinck van Vollenhoven to protest at the film.

The envoy, for his part, voiced sorrow about the broadcast of the "anti-Islamic" film and emphasized that it was condemned by the Dutch government.

Meantime, A Non-Governmental Organization in Iran has started production of a documentary called 'Beyond Fitna' to respond to the far-right Dutch politician's provocative dissertation.

According to FNA reports, the Iranian organization called 'NGO Islam and Christianity' has already started production of the documentary.

The NGO's documentary called 'Beyond Fitna' deals with incitement of violence in the Bible. Muslims believe that the book deemed holy by Christians today is a distorted version of the original Bible.

'Beyond Fitna' focuses on the orders given to worldwide Christians in the (distorted version of) Bible for stoking violence, committing genocide, attacking others, beheading and burning women and children who have been taken into captivity.

The documentary recycles film clips from crimes committed by extremist Christians under the inspirations of the said Bible teachings, and aims to provide a response to the allegations made by Pope Benedict XVI, who called Islam a religion of violence after misunderstanding certain Organic verses.
Isn't that a book by Salman Rushdie?
'Beyond Fitna' is produced while an overwhelming wave of protest is shown by worldwide Muslim and Christian communities against Wilder's movie.

Wilders' provocative movie sparked worldwide protests even before it hit the Internet on March 27.

Wilders' movie is a documentary-style exposé of American trash-journalist Bill O'Reilly's militant calls for violent demonstrations and reprisals against "unbelievers" who dare to oppose his dogma. [...]
Imam O'Reilly?

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