Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"World Revolutionary People Called upon to Hold High Banner of Socialism"

Is backsliding a big problem among the world revolutionary people? Besides Obama, I mean.
The world revolutionary people are called upon to hold aloft the banner of socialism, bearing in mind the truth of history that to defend socialism means a victory but abandoning it means death.

Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says this in a signed article.

It goes on:

If people lower the flag of socialism, departing from its path, they are bound to suffer misfortune and disaster and become slaves.

The experience of history clearly shows that when one makes one concession and retreat over the issue of the principle of socialism, one will be compelled to make ten, nay a hundred concessions and retreats and, in the end, the party of the working class is bound to go bankrupt and a socialist regime to collapse.

The road to socialism means one to independence, peace and national prosperity. Socialism is the only way for the developing countries building new society to eradicate the aftermath of the imperialist colonial rule and achieve independent development and national prosperity.

The reality of the DPRK where people-centred socialism based on the great Juche idea is in its best day demonstrates the advantages and invincibility of socialism. Korean-style socialism is the ideal society desired by humankind for such a long period of time and the social system in which the people's independence has come true in all spheres. Socialism is the lifeblood of the people in the DPRK as it is vital to them.

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