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Nuke Day in Iran, Nukes "good experience for youth," "annihilation," etc.

Ahmadinejad's announcement that 6,000 more centrifuges have been installed at the Natanz nuclear site is getting a fair amount of press coverage today. It so happens that it's the jolly occasion of "National Nuclear Technology Day" in Iran, commemorating the first production of nuclear fuel at Natanz. Here's a typical story from IRNA: "Iran nuclear program, good experience for youth: MP"
A parliamentarian said on Tuesday that the national nuclear program, despite foreign pressures, is a good and useful experience for the young generation.

Reza Talaie-Nik, a member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, told IRNA that peaceful nuclear program is an honor for the Iranian youth.

He added that the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear achievements have paved the way for the country's significant diplomatic and technological progress at international arena.

All Muslim nations praise Iran's nuclear achievements and express their support for Iranian nuclear program, the MP added.
Nothing delights Sunni Arabs more than the the thought of Persian Shias with nukes. The nukes are for purely peaceful purposes, right?
He expressed the hope that the Islamic Republic would gain more victories in its peaceful nuclear activities through national unity and Islamic solidarity.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated a ceremony marking the third anniversary of National Day of Nuclear Technology in Natanz nuclear site, the central province of Isfahan, Tuesday.

On this day two years ago, Iranian scientists produced uranium enriched 3.5 percent in its Natanz facility and the country became self-sufficient on production of fuel thanks to the efforts made by young talented experts. [...]
Here's a passage from an IRIB story entitled "IRI gains N-technology at highest level":
[...] "During the bullying period of some powers, the Iranian nation didnot entered the show of these powers and continued its independent path," [Ahmadinejad] said.

He underlined that the Iranian nation could break the satanic hegemony of these powers and this would be the focal point in extinction of them.
Funny how none of that rhetoric made it into the BBC or Reuters articles, isn't it?
"The speedy trend of fall of the bullying powers has been started," he said.

He advised the big powers to quit aggressive relations and stand by the nations because this would be in favor of them.

"If the big powers continue their aggressive approach, their annihilation will be near," he said. [...]
The thought of Iran's making all that peaceful technological progress will make them so mad that they'll just poof out of existence!

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