Thursday, April 10, 2008

IRIB: "Great economic evolution plan devised"

Sounds like they are going to give even greater play to the might of Songun in the spirit of Mt. Paektu--no, wait, that's North Korea:
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said at one of courtyards of Imam Reza's Holy Shrine that plan for country's economic evolution is devised and ready to be implemented.

President Ahmadinejad further stressed, "We need to prepare ourselves for a great economic surgery, fundamental reforms, and a great construction movement."

The President further reiterated that the Iranian nation is today a model, the witness to many internal and international great events, and the pioneer of justice seeking in the world, adding, "We need to eliminate our country's shortcomings rapidly hand in hand of one another, and to construct our dear Iran as best we could."
That should all be accomplished by about Tuesday.
He said, "We need to solve our country's economic, cultural, and development problems and then to heed the international responsibilities of our revolution."

Ahmadinejad added, "Our enemies are strongly annoyed due to rapid advancement of the Iranian nation, which is why resorting to various means and different plots they try to create obstacles in the way of our nation's further progress and development."

He considered resorting to nuclear issue, regional engagements in such countries as Iraq, Afghanistan and the like, as well as the issuance of numerous resolutions against the Iranian nation as pretexts aimed at blocking the path of our nation's advancement."
Yeah, the war in Afghanistan was just a pretext aimed at blocking Iran's development. Another item at IRIB announces "Era of IRI's enemies over- President." "Enemies are afraid of the grandeur and dignity of the Iranian nation," says A although "concern of the Western powers over development of a bomb by Iran is nothing." He concludes:
"What they are afraid of is a country which has raised against them in a world under their domination."

The president warned big powers against moving against the will of the Iranian nation, stressing, "If they continued their opposition to the will of the Iranian nation, they would receive a crushing response from the brave Iranian people."
Typical rhetoric about Iran's nuke program: deny and threaten. Meanwhile, the NY Times reports: "Hamas in Largest Arms Buildup Yet, Israeli Study Says." That is also largely Iran's doing. The clock is ticking. Even the trashing of Iran's civilian economy by that "evolution plan" won't slow it down.

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