Thursday, April 17, 2008

MPAC-UK asks: "Why Are So Many Practicing Muslims Violent Thugs?"

The answer proposed by this article is that so many of their leaders are. Read on:
[...] How and why do so many religious Muslims act in this barbaric – way akin to the days of jahiliya before our Prophet PBUH swept this way filthy conduct that animals would shy away from?

The answer revealed itself to me when debating this weekend with a Mosque committee member from a mosque on Eastern Avenue in Ilford Essex. Upset about the documentary, he approached me to complain. I listened attentively and countered where I felt he was wrong.

He complained we were un-Islamic and used Allah and Islam to push his argument forward. All of which I countered.

Unable to find a logical and solid argument against me, the committee member said to me ‘if you tried to come to my mosque I would break your neck’ and stormed off.

He may not have known but one MPACUK member standing next to me as a cage fighter and would probably have broken his neck if it had gotten to it. Still it is not the way of Allah to have raised a hand at an innocent, and MPACUK has never done this.

I realised then, that when the Ummah has such leaders who were nothing more then street thugs or former gang members, or drug dealers, leading us, in our highest institutions is it any wonder that the rank and file Muslim thinks that acting like a street pimp or a football hooligan was acceptable as long as you had a beard and quoted Islam in a thobe. [...]
OK, thuggish leaders explain thuggish followers, but isn't that sort of a chicken-egg thing? Will we see further exploration of this train of thought at MPAC?

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