Thursday, April 17, 2008

IRIB: "Iran denounces Google's plot forging name for Persian Gulf"

Use of the name "Arabian Gulf" provokes more over-the-top rhetoric from Iran than Fitna, the Prophet Cartoons, and Salman Rushdie put together. It's a "desperate attempt," a "failed and seditions conspiracy," and an "irrational and opportunist plot." Kinda makes you have more respect for Google--just joking Iranians!
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said Tuesday that Google's plot forging a name for the Persian Gulf is a desperate attempt to falsify historical facts.

Hosseini told reporters that forging a name for the Persian Gulf will definitely tarnish the reputation of the website in the eyes of Iranians and other nations worldwide.

The attempt to forge historical facts and legal documents of the international community, the United Nations, indicated the opportunist and ambitious attitude of directors of the website, he said, expressing regret over the failed and seditious conspiracy.

He noted that the Foreign Ministry has succeeded to foil such falsifying attempts through authentic historical documents and defended the identity of the Iranian heritage, the Persian Gulf, in international organizations.

Iranian nation has made all-out efforts to send online petitions to safeguard their territory, he said, adding that the nation showed national solidarity in this respect.

Hosseini further thanked all respected Iranians and expatriates abroad who resisted the irrational and opportunist plot of Google.

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