Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Irangrish title of the day: "Dolphin die after colliding another one"

That was courtesy of IRIB. Sharky the dolphin was martyred in the course of his heroic attempts to foil all plots of the World Arrogance and hegemonic powers by uniting the Dolphin Umma:
A dolphin died over the weekend at a SeaWorld sister park after colliding with another dolphin during a guest interaction program.

About 32 visitors were in the lagoon Saturday afternoon when the two dolphins swam into the deeper center and leapt from the water, Discovery Cove spokeswoman Becca Bides said Monday.

They collided and Sharky, a 30-year-old dolphin, died, she said.
In related news the Ayatollah described the Islamic Revolution as a "sea change":
The Islamic Revolution Leader described the Islamic Revolution as a landmark event in the course of the history of Iran and noted the fact that the Iranian people used to shun any rulers or authorities all time until the Islamic Revolution emerged.

"In the great Islamic Revolution event however, the people took the stage of power transfer and ushered a sea change through their faith and resolution," Ayatollah Kahmenei said, adding that the historical event and its implications must be reviewed by a macro and comprehensive approach.
So Sharky the Dolphin did not die in vain.

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