Wednesday, October 21, 2009

North Korea goes off the deep end

They've been pooling their resources:
The well-arranged Indoor Swimming Pool of Kim Il Sung University is crowded with teachers, staff members and students building up their physical strength and enjoying a cultural rest.
A rest from culture?
It has a wading pool and a large-sized swimming pool equipped with high-grade facilities for international games.

If you enter the central hall through an automatic revolving door you can see a large-sized Korean painting showing the beautiful sea scenery on the opposite wall.

The swimming pool has eight runways and diving towers. Water temperature of the pool is 27 degrees C and the indoor temperature is 28 degrees C at all times.
And will always remain so, even when the Dear Leader assumes room temperature.
There are recumbent water concussors and shower bath facilities in the wading pool with nearly 50-meter-long slide.
Do you have any idea what this means?
It has also modernly furnished public service facilities such as far infrared ray sauna and other saunas and shower, bath and medical rooms.
North Korea is sure to make a splash with this great leap off the Songun diving board!

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