Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Great Moments in Great Leaderhood: Songun Underwear

"Anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk" is the invariable North Korean News way of referring to the Dear Leader's mother. More creepy sycophancy that North Koreans are supposed to find inexpressibly moving:
The anti-Japanese heroine Kim Jong Suk was engaged in knitting by a campfire one night in November of Juche 26 (1937).

A guerrilla silently approached her and said that she should have a rest as the night was far advanced.

She made haste with her work, saying that it should be finished within the night.

He was surprised to see what she was doing.

She was knitting gloves by unraveling her woolen underwear.

The underwear was presented to her by members of a revolutionary organization.

She came back to the unit after carrying out the underground work a few days ago. Then she told guerillas that she was moved to tears by the sincere souvenir the people had arranged by sparing every penny in dire poverty and would preserve the underwear with care and make revolution with credit until the day of the national liberation and live up to their expectation. And she had kept it in her knapsack with care.

Next morning she handed to an orderly of the headquarters a package of the gloves which she had knitted all night.

She asked him to give the gloves to General Kim Il Sung without fail when it got colder and detailed him how to protect the General on march and during break.

Later General Kim Il Sung was told about the story. Then he stood still for a long time, thinking of days of trial she had to undergo in the terrible winter without the underwear.
"Great," he thought, "I'll be warm, my wife will freeze--nothing like being the Great Leader . . ."

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