Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dear Leader gives field-guidance at playground

He highly appreciated the Songun swing set:
General Secretary Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to the newly-built Mt. Myohyang Recreation Ground.

After being briefed about the ground before its guide map he toured the long tourist course extending from the entrance to Habiro to Manphok Ravine for hours to acquaint himself in detail about its construction.
This is the life! No more boring stints of giving invaluable field-guidance to dreary youth power stations and smelly old pig farms!
After feasting his eyes on the tourist route, pavilions, a flyover built in a peculiar style and resting places in perfect harmony with beautiful natural scenery, he expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the youth shock brigade members have spruced up Mt. Myohyang to be a wonderful recreation ground for the people.
Nothing like a little sprucing up from the youth shock brigade.
All the architectures including the flyover high up in the sky were designed in a peculiar way and the quality of their construction was ensured on the highest level, he remarked, adding that it is an admirable miracle that the province built such a wonderful recreation ground in a matter of six months with its own efforts. He extended thanks to the builders, highly appreciating their feats.
Nothing you can't do with scientific socialism and a militant do-or-die spirit!
The Mt. Myohyang Recreation Ground has been spruced up better as one of eternal value, enabling the Korean people to fully enjoy cultural recreation in the world famous mountain, he said, adding that the laudable feats of the builders who contributed to the happiness of the people and the country's prosperity with all their wisdom and enthusiasm will be handed down together with the history of the building of a thriving nation.
Still not thriving, are they?
Triumphant events are taking place one after another on all fronts to the delight and excitement of the people this year, a year of drastic changes in which everything goes well, he said, stating with pride that this is the stirring reality of the prospering country approaching close to the gate of a thriving nation. [...]
The latest Haveil Havalim is a triumphant event taking place on all fronts to the delight and excitement of the people.

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