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IRIB Radio: "Students want Ahmadinejad to expel Saudi envoy"

In which we learn that "Saudi Arabia has become the perpetrator of the Zionist's colonialist plans":
Students protesting Riyadh's military assault on Yemeni Shias in front of the Iranian Foreign Ministry have called for the expulsion of the Saudi ambassador.

According to IRIB World Service, the university students, who were demonstrating for the second consecutive day on Tuesday, made the demand in a letter addressed to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The letter referred to the anniversary of the 1987 killing of pilgrims.

The students who have gathered in Tehran from all over the country despite the cold weather in the capital plan to continue their sit-in until Wednesday.

One of the organizers of the event told IRNA that the students were there to show their anger at what they believed was a war planned by "Zionist" entities.
There's more than one?
Student spokesman Esmail Tahmouresi said "The Zionists have instigated many wars in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and the Gaza Strip to cover their own losses," adding, "In the war against Shia Muslims in northern Yemen Saudi Arabia has become the perpetrator of the Zionist's colonialist plans." [...]
Some of the latest Iranian press articles attacking Israel were actually about Israel to begin with. At Fars, for instance, a headline proclaims "Ahmadinejad: Israel Incapable of Attacking Iran":
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad underlined on Tuesday that the Zionist regime is too weak to take military action against Iran.

Speaking in a press conference in Brasilia, Ahmadinejad responded to questions on the possibility of Israeli attack to Iran, and said, "Weapons, threats and attacks are means of the past and (such words) belong to those politicians who are lagging behind.

"Those you mentioned do not dare to do such a thing and are too small to take military action against Iran."

The Iranian president noted that the era of military invasions has come to an end "and today is the time for talks and thinking".

"Durable peace and friendship will be achieved in light of justice and those who want to rule the world will never attain their desirable results," he added. [...]
Wait till he finds out about the little device we've implanted in his heart valve! At IRIB we learn that "IRI, Bolivia urge justice-seekers to join hand":
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran and Bolivia are standing together, adding that independent states should stand together for their own progress and for neutralization of imperialists' conspiracies.

The President following his private talks with Bolivian counterpart President Evo Morales and negotiations of the two countries high ranking delegations, said Iran and Bolivia are partners and allies adding that ground for taking big steps to promote relations is at hand.

"We will stand together and I am confident that victory belongs to us," the President said.

He stressed that although Tehran and La Paz are geographically very far, the two nations and governments are close to each other in their viewpoints. [...]
Now you know. Another IRIB article concerns something called a "'Quds in light of Savior' gathering in Mecca."
[...] The conference attended by Islamic scholars as well as representatives of Palestinian resistance groups emphasized on the Palestinian cause and the necessity of unity among Palestinian resistance groups till their final victory over Israel. [...]

The head of Iranian pilgrims said agreements such as Oslo were in effect a way out for the Zionist regime from total collapse. He added that the Zionist regime had always lived with the fear of martyrdom seeking operations on the side of resistance groups. [...]
Of course, Iran may show all sorts of admiration for martyrdom-seeking operations, but advanced military hardware is also useful for thwarting world arrogance plots. A number of current articles in the Iranian press concern those anti-aircraft missiles that Russia is not delivering on schedule. Not to worry, as we learn from Fars, "Iran Able to Replace S-300 with Other Air-Defense Systems":
An Iranian top military commander on Tuesday underlined that Tehran is able to replace the Russian-made anti-aircraft S-300 missiles with other air defense systems in case Russia shrugs off contract terms for the delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran.

"If they do not deliver S-300 defensive system to us, we have replacements and we can supply our operational requirements through innovative techniques and different designs," Deputy Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base for Coordination General Hassan Mansourian told reporters on the sidelines of countrywide military drills, codenamed "Modafean-e Aseman-e-Velayat 2." [...]
Will Iran get its Russian missiles to go along with the 20 percent enriched uranium it wants from the West? Stay tuned.

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