Thursday, November 05, 2009 "Reclaiming Al Andalus Stone by Stone"

Thanks to Elder of Ziyon, I see that MPAC-UK has an Irish sister organization called They want to reclaim Al-Andalus, otherwise known as Spain:
In the 1400s the Muslim reign in Spain came to an abrupt and bloody end. For over 600yrs Islam had dominated the Spanish landscape, bringing to the west learning and sciences that made Medieval Europe look positively barbaric. Despite the inculcation of a largely egalitarian society based on Islamic mores, Christian kings in the north plotted a reconquest, one that would give rise to one of the darkest moments in European history – the Inquisition.
The last few hundred years of Muslim rule in Spain weren't that tolerant either.
Today the rich tapestry of Islamic art and architecture of Al Andalusia draws hundreds and thousands of tourists who marvel at the wonders of a bygone era. However, it is also of great interest to Muslims and the area has seen a surge of interest from European Muslims seeking to settle in a former Muslim homeland.

In recent years, schools and communities have been established and Muslim influence is gaining momentum. Recently a request was made to the Catholic Pope to allow Muslims to once again worship in the mosque of Cordoba. We lost this land over 600yrs ago, inshaAllah this new resurgence will see our reclaiming of our former homeland.

The wealthy among us can facilitate this by purchasing land and property in the area, and then making this available to Muslims seeking to reside in Islamic communities. Play your part in restoring our former glory.
Andalus was having trouble/What a sad sad story/Needed a new leader to restore its former glory . . .
For more information on what you do to facilitate this reclamation, contact MPACIE and
Operators are standing by.

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